Debut solo record, recorded in Nashville in the summer of 2017. Released Jan 25, 2019. Physical CD available on Bandcamp.

Note from Maya: …I approached Dan Knobler in the early spring of 2017 with a growing collection of songs, and he agreed on the spot to record some demos with me and work towards my first solo record. We gathered a band that June, but after a day of rehearsal it became clear that the music was flowing so naturally that we were not making demos after all. We cut half the record then, and finished it in a few more days that August.


THE STRAY BIRDS : A trio from Lancaster, PA, Maya de Vitry, Oliver Craven, and Charlie Muench released 2 EPs (Borderland, Echo Sessions) and 4 full length albums (The Stray Birds, Best Medicine, Magic Fire, Let It Pass). The trio toured relentlessly, from house concerts to festival stages, and was known for passionate performances and powerful vocal harmonies. The group disbanded in June 2018, and their final record Let It Pass, which they wrote entirely collaboratively, was released in September 2018. For more information, music, and lyrics, visit

Note from Maya: Our catalog begins with an EP called Borderland, released in 2010. For me, this marked the beginning of recording my original songs. Oliver Craven and Charlie Muench are both outstanding writers, arrangers, singers, and players, and we grew a lot together in our nearly 7 years as a full-time band. Oliver is based in Nashville and continues to write and perform as a solo artist and side musician, and Charlie is based in Philadelphia and is an active local, touring and session musician.


Courtney Hartman - “Hollow” (Courtney Hartman/Maya Elizabeth de Vitry)

Molly Tuttle - “Light Came In (Power Went Out)” (Molly Tuttle/ Maya Elizabeth de Vitry/ Ryan Hewitt/ Stephony Smith)

Lula Wiles - “What Will We Do” - album liner notes

Courtney Hartman & Taylor Ashton - “The Nature of Us” (Maya Elizabeth de Vitry/Courtney Hartman)

Rachel Baiman - “Gettin Ready to Start” (Maya Elizabeth de Vitry/Rachel Baiman/Taylor Ashton)

Jordan Tice - “Live On The River Til I Die” (Maya Elizabeth de Vitry/Jordan Tice)

Michaela Anne - “What Good Is Water” (Maya Elizabeth de Vitry/Michaela Anne)

Michaela Anne - “One Love Song” (Maya Elizabeth de Vitry/Michaela Anne)


Ana Egge - Bright Shadow (Maya on fiddle, banjo, vocals)

Birds of Chicago - American Flowers (Maya on fiddle)

The Mae Trio - Take Care Take Cover (Maya on fiddle)

Monica Rizzio - Sunshine is Free (Maya on fiddle, vocals)


OLD TIME LIBERATION FRONT : A band from Lancaster, PA, Maya de Vitry, Monica de Vitry, Becca Rast, Jordan Rast, Peter Reist, Laura Dyck, the band of childhood friends won the 2007 Neo-Traditional Band Contest at the Clifftop Festival in West Virginia, Old-Time Liberation Front and recorded a batch of original acoustic music to bring back to the festival for their set the following year. Available here.

Note from Maya: This very short-lived band remains really important to me. The people in this band have gone on to become art teachers, lawyers, community organizers, psychologists, and campaign managers, as well as continuing to play music in many forms! I wrote “Might Rain”, which The Stray Birds eventually recorded on the album Best Medicine, to sing live on stage with OTLF in one of our only shows. But one of my first adventures in writing music was making up fiddle tunes. Many of these tracks start as a song and morph into one of those fiddle tunes. We also recorded an original fiddle tune of mine called Rainelle! That’s the last town we would drive through on the way up the mountain to Clifftop. I really adore my sister Monica’s songwriting and singing, especially on the track “Different From The War”.


We never made any official recordings, but whcn I was 18 and 19 I spent a lot of time traveling around and busking on the street, with Hannah Seng, Cory Shenk and Ellie Shenk, Nick Martin, and Jacob Kraybill, and I was also really inspired by my friend Hannah Seng (who is also an amazing visual artist) to start writing songs and playing the banjo. Hannah and I had a very short lived band with my sister, Monica de Vitry, called The November Project. I’m surprised and amused that our myspace pages still exist!